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Okay~ Not shaded yet, but I'm posting this to put it up for tonight and I can work on the bio while I'm volunteering tomorrow OvO<3

:new:Official bio is up now~ I'll be adding some basic info momentarily, but I hope this works lolol;;;

Previous account: :iconraveofvampires: -- I did not steal the character, Unless you can steal from yourself lol

Desired Sector Leader:
1: Fai Renshou by *Coffeeroll
2: Essex Kenilworth by *GarnetQuyenDinh


:bulletblue: : Name : :bulletblue:
Korso Sherikov

:bulletblue: : Age : :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: : Birthdate : :bulletblue:
June 24

:bulletblue: : Animal : :bulletblue:
Red Panda

:bulletblue: : Alignment : :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: : Rank : :bulletblue:
Ah... I suppose this would be delinquent?

:bulletblue: : Height : :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: : Weight : :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: : Bloodtype : :bulletblue:
O Negative

:bulletblue: : Friends : :bulletblue:

Fai Rěnsḥu by *Coffeeroll (roommate; childhood friend)
Oz by *SarsAndRum (Kinda like a little brother he fights with)

:bulletblue: : Likes : :bulletblue:

Off the job: Coffee, Wine, Vodka, Cooking, Flirting, Apple pie

On the job: Shinies, Torture, Being sneaky

:bulletblue: : Dislikes : :bulletblue:

Off the job: Oranges, Beer, incense, Hospitals

On the job: Killing

:bulletblue: : Personality : :bulletblue:

When not working, the red panda is quite gentle. Calm and Collected, Korso's easygoing personality can be pretty charming. He's not afraid to speak his mind though, so anyone earning his ire should be warned of this. He cares deeply for his partner, only trusting him with his entire being. He's kind to everyone indiscriminately, whether they are Police or Criminal. And flirty.

Compared to his day to day personality, His criminal ‘Persona’ seems quite devilish. He’s sadistic. Torture is something he’s fond of doing to his hostages, and he enjoys it. Should someone incur the Panda’s wrath, pray he feels merciful. When the mask is on, there's barely any kindness and he's focused on his task.

:bulletblue: : Biography : :bulletblue:

Born into a decently wealthy family, Korso Sherikov was unhappy with his simple life of school and the fake image of the perfect family. Growing up with parents that hadn't wanted him had made for a bratty child that longed for attention -- good or bad. He made a friend, randomly, when he was thirteen: Dakota Errol. However that wasn't the name he got from the boy. The fifteen year old had introduced himself to Korso as Finch.

Over the following months, they grew closer to the point of even seeing each other as brothers: Finch was an orphan and Korso was an unwanted child... It was pretty understandable they would grow pretty close. However, after a while Korso found out about his friend's involvement in criminal activity... And he didn't care. In fact, he was interested in it himself!

By the time the red panda turned fifteen, he had officially joined a group in his hometown (outside of Ballua) to learn how to be an effective criminal. Postal was the leader -- he was ruthless, but the boy had managed to amuse him. Finch had been arrested in the same year and Postal took over mentoring the boy, teaching him everything he needed to know, introducing him to necessary contacts before he moved on to more advanced stuff, like deciding what he wanted to steal on his own.

It only got better when he had proposed to his high school sweetheart -- He had this perfect little facade up for most of his teenage years, but Rin knew the truth... and she didn't care. Even while he kept the facade of the perfect boy who didn't do anything wrong, he had been sharpening his skills in theft and lockpicking. Everything changed after the incident that took the life of his high school sweetheart.

A fight between rival criminal groups -- rather, a shoot-out -- broke out with his fiancee and himself caught in the middle. Rin was killed. And, boy did it make him angry -- angrier than he had ever been in his life. He wanted to find who they were chasing and catch them himself. So, despite the fact he kept refining his skills as a thief, he decided to study law to hopefully join the police force later on -- given that he didn't get caught in his heists.

He continued his studies for a while and even applied for an internship at the Felidae Police Department. However, his dreams were pushed aside when, in his private investigations, he found the location of one of the surviving groups involved in the shoot out.

Of course, he couldn't sit back and let them get away with it...

He went after them, and killed all but one of the underground crime ring. He doesn't remember it, nor did he actually wish to kill them. Yet he did. For a brief period he had been a leader. Very brief.

He had gone off to do a mission for Postal as a favor. Undercover. He was trying to figure out what Postal's rival was doing -- what he was planning. He had nearly completed the mission, but before he found everything out, Devin -- the rival -- found him. Told him everything before setting of a bomb. But Devin had escaped. And Korso was nearly dead.

For a few months he was in a coma, recovering as much as he could mentally as well as physically. About a month ago, he finally woke up. But some things were missing from his memory.

When he next saw his childhood friend, he didn't even remember him -- not until Fai punched him and knocked him to the ground. After most of his memory had returned, he decided to return to the field he was best at. And here he is, looking for a home for a second time within the criminal organizations in Ballua.

:bulletblue: : Additional info : :bulletblue:

* He wears an engagement ring around his neck. He had proposed to his High school "sweetheart". It was legitimately bought.

* Has two scars on his cheeks to remind himself of his true goal.

* Habitually keeps his right eye closed to see better at night.

* Has contacts in the black market.

* Allergic to iodine and peanut butter.

*Wears a gas mask when he's on a mission, to signify when he's on duty. The mask serves as the trigger for the personality switch from being off duty and on.
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SarsBot Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
KOORSO gnjskgn I love him. ;OO; such an interesting chaaarcter
RavetheLynx Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Really? owo;;; I try lolol;;;; cxkjbhkcvhjb QwQ<33
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RavetheLynx Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's why he cooks so much lolol;;; To make sure that there's no peanut products in the food he eats lolol;;;
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LOLOL How does he eat out?? XDDD /shot;;;
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He normally doesn't lolol -- if he does he asks what has peanuts in it and what doesn't lol;;;
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Of course, that's common sense;;; 8'D I'm such a dork lol;;;
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